• Thru-head capture technology
• True velocity (no foam gapping)
• Powerful magnets lock in place
• Smallest footprint – only 20mm
• Thru-vent cable included with every trigger
• Captures subtle articulations
• User defined head tension
• Compatable with any ply mesh head
• Adjust trigger position in real-time
• Dedicated triggers for dual zones
• Thru-head design prevents crosstalk

3 Revolutionary Triggering Methods for Drums

Thru-head Triggering

thru-head drum trigger

Magnatracks DST-1 can be placed onto the top and bottom of the drum head in a matter of seconds. no adhesives, or rim mounting allows the dst-1 to finally break free from the rim of the drum and onto the drum head ,turning any drum head into a highly accurate zone. the triggers ability to move in unison with the drum head instantly rectifies a multitude of issues that plauge previous trigger designs. the dst-1 proved at namm 2017 that even a 22” single ply mesh head is no match against it’s powerful magnetic design.

Thru-Shell Triggering

The DST-1 approaches dual zones as exactly that, dual zones. previus designs have always used a single enclosure to try and capture both the head and rim of a drum while doing neither exceptionally well. The DST-1 takes full advantage of it’s magnetic design by using the thru-shell method to capture the rim shots and side sticking action. No need for rim silencers here to prevent cross-talk issues. just use one thru-head and one thru-shell to turn any drum into your version of the perfect hybrid or electronic drum.

Thru-lug Triggering

thru-lug attatched drum trigger

Sound engineers and acoustic purists have had a long term hate relationship with drum triggers impact on a drums tonality and obliteration of a drums sustain. Drummers and engineers can choose any of the three methods to instantly combat the unrelenting game of tones. Installing magnatracks mt-tltm (magnatrack thru-lug-trigger-mount) takes only a few minutes to install on any acoustic snare, tom, or kick drum. The TLTM replaces one of your drums inner lug bolts and replaces the top magnet by acting as a receiver for the DST-1 main trigger assembly. Once installed the DST-1 is able to capture the most subtle strokes to bombastic hits on the drum head. By using the energy transferred down through the drums lug assembly the thru-lug method provides a highly accurate method for capturing acoustic drums while leaving the drums tonality untouched.

magnatrack drum triggers

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