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The Future of Electronic Drums is Acoustic

Join the Mayhem as we put our gear to the test with 20 years of drum modules. Each series includes our own settings and attempts to replicate them by e-drummers on their own YouTube Channels. #modulemayhem

Featured Products

The original Low Volume Cymbal Trigger by MAGNATRACK is unrivaled in the industry.  Proprietary features make the LVCT2 the best-selling cymbal trigger in the world.

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Featured Products

Our perforation design gives you a truly natural feel. We spent years perfecting the best Reduced Volume Cymbal for triggering not keeping the neighbors off your back.

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Featured Products

MAGNATRACK’S MAGNACORE HD is an internally side mounted trigger that offers complete coverage of drum heads 8-22 inches without any dead spots.

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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Say.

I have finally had a chance to sit down and play the 16" Cymbolic crash cymbal and I have to tell you, it is now my go-to cymbal - this cymbal is exactly what I wanted.  My Cymbolic cymbal allows me to finish off a tune with power while allowing me to use the crash as a ride cymbal without it over-powering the beat.  My only real complaint is that I didn't order the set.

Thanks Magnatrack - Love my cymbal!

Keith D

We recently placed an order for a set of the cymbolic cymbals with your triggers and we have absolutely loved them. They are phenomenal so first of all thank you for that. You also sent us a drum trigger to try out which we have also been thrilled with.  Given how great your cymbal triggers work we’d love to switch over to Magnatrack drum triggers too.

Revival Ministries/The River Church

New Products coming soon

The Edge

The Holy Grail in triggering acoustic drums is to leave them untouched and yet capture exacting velocity and every ghost note without exception. We don’t pretend to be Nikola Tesla by any means. However, he did build our drum kits! At Magnatrack, we have always said the “Future of Electronic Drums is Acoustic.” If we indeed foretold what we hadn’t yet imagined, it will soon be in the hands of the drummer to decide.


Our digital e-controller is designed to sense your hi-hat pedals position within a fraction of a millimeter. On-board Bluetooth connects the controller to its companion app that is packed with features and SMART module recognition.

The Power of VST Drum Triggering

Your laptop was never designed to endure the wear and tear your drum kit was.  Even the more rugged designs are still out of reach leaving all those amazing features the software includes absent in your live performance.  Drumlinx puts the controls and display at your fingertips and foot.

Magnatrack Leading The Way

The functionality and versatility of electronic drums, combined with the look of acoustic drums, is inspiring a new movement of drum kits in the home, on stage, and in studios.  Magnatrack is leading the way in innovative ideas that will take drumming into the future.